Featured Case

  Name: Tracy McClelland

Found buried in a shallow grave at 2110 North 71st Street (aka Six Mile Creek)

Tampa, FL | 2007-03-06

Cause of Death: Upper Body Trauma

About Us

Who Killed Me is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting families who have lost a loved one to violent crime. There are literally thousands of murders each year which languish in police files while desperate families wait hopelessly for answers that may ease their suffering. We take these cases from the bottom of the files and moves them up to the top. We start at the beginning, with no bias, and re-examine all existing evidence.

With sophisticated computer technology, crime photos are enhanced for new leads, background data is gathered, and group meetings are held to obtain a range of ideas and input. We have an extensive variety of volunteers working with us, including private investigators, handwriting experts, psychologists, and legal advisors. We also believe in involving the bereaved family to the extent that they are able; experience has proven to us that bad news is easier to live with than no news. We have seen grief slowly dissipate as survivors begin to take an active part in dealing with their tragedy, rather than remaining an isolated victim.

We share all information with the appropriate law enforcement agency, who may use it for potential arrests and solutions. While law enforcement does an excellent job the truth is there are many cases they simply can't solve on their own.  This is due to limited resources (spread thin) and the freshness of evidence.  As a community we can help them make a difference, we can bring new eyes to a case, new ideas, and new information. 

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