Open Case

  Name: Tracy McClelland

Found buried in a shallow grave at 2110 North 71st Street (aka Six Mile Creek)

Tampa, FL | 2007-03-06

Cause of Death: Upper Body Trauma

Case Data

Her Body was found buried in a shallow grave at 211 North 71st Street (aka Six Mile Creek), Tampa Florida on March 6th, 2007 - she had been there for approximately 3 weeks. Time/date of death is estimated to be February 16th or 17th, 2007 between midnight and 3am.

Tracy lived two lives - one as a loving mother willing to do anything for her children only one semester from graduating from USF, the other as a prostitute and drug addict (heroin and crack)

This behavior began after the suicide of her brother (he had been hospitalized with schizophrenia) - she became severely depressed, was medicated with Prozac and Zoloft and possibly other medications. Over time, she developed a resistance and when her doctors wouldn't increase the dosage anymore, she began to self medicate. This eventually lead to the abuse of various legal and illegal drugs.

Who is Richie Rich?

2011-07-30 12:31:54 - Posted By: Investigator

While speaking to people in the neighborhood, a new theory presented itself; one that has us all asking one question.... who is Richie Rich? If you know anyone in the Tampa area that goes by this name we urge you to contact us.

2012-02-03 18:15:10 - Quid Pro Quo:: Dear Investigator: After reading all of the information posted by you as well as the insightful posts by those that I fear do not have a command of the English language, there are a few things that I can't wrap my head around. First, I don't see in any of the posts whether or not an autopsy was done. Was there an autopsy performed? And if so, I understand that when an autopsy is performed on a body that has had trauma, most of the time, the murderer will leave fingerprints underneath the skin that is not visible to the naked eye but to that of a forensic pathologist. Second, when the body was discovered, did the crime scene technicians find any items that may have been left by the murderer when she was buried? Third, how about the insect activity, usually that is used to determine the time/day of death and your posts don't have a date certain. Fourth, it appears that this investigation has so many players that I find it impossible that no one has the slightest idea of what happened to her and who is responsible for her murder. These are just a few of the questions that I have but one thing is for sure, I feel sad for her ex-husband, children and any other relatives that were left behind because this can't be easy when you know that someone murdered your loved one and quite possibly it could be someone that you know and it appears as if the officials aren't too worried about the murder....why? Is it because she was an alleged drug addict and prositute (isn't everyone entitled to the same resources/investigation?) Why don't they interview everyone one at a time, at the police station, there are other techniques to tell if an individual is not telling the truth besides giving a polygraph test. I would take fingerprints of any of the person(s) of interest and work the case backwards. I figure it might give someone a fresh perspective and let's face it, it couldn't hurt! I would piece together the last few days she was alive and of course any of those individuals who say they have information but don't want too talk, well too bad, you would want someone to come forward if it was your loved one that had been murdered and I can't believe the posts concerning the welfare of the neighborhood, what a group of individuals...everyone seems more worried about slandering their neighborhood "six mile creek" then solving a homicide....what a shame!! I only hope that none of these individuals ever experience the loss of a loved one by the hand of a murderer! At least there's one small ray of hope: There is no statute of limitations for murder!!!!

2012-07-25 09:12:01 - Investigator: Your comments are very insightful, Iíll attempt to answer what I know. An autopsy was performed but the county refuses to release it to the family or anyone else because they consider this an active investigation. Weíve been told that it contains information not released to the public and the police want to hold it back until they have a suspect in custody. While I agree with that in theory, too much time has passed and I donít believe this is still a valid course of action. If it contains information that could help solve this case, it should be made public - holding it back hasnít helped solve this case yet and probably wonít. That said, we do know that foreign DNA was found under her fingernails, it has been checked against some of the suspects but not all. Even if a match is found, there is no way to be sure it was the result of her murder. Fingerprints on the body, insect theory... While television shows make these tests/findings seem routine, they are not. In todayís world, most cities do not have their own lab, they outsource DNA analysis and itís costly, they rarely do it and it can take months to get the results back. I personally spoke to the first officer on scene and if anything was found on or near the body it was not released. Her body was left for weeks and was severely damaged by the elements before it was discovered. Keep in mind, she as identified by the serial number on a breast implant - her body was in poor condition. Retrieving fingerprints was probably not possible. As with the autopsy, I donít see the harm in releasing the reports detailing what, if anything, was found at the crime scene. I do not believe Tampa has the expertise on staff for advanced science such as bug theory or many of the procedures we see on television. Frankly, Iíve been to many cities on investigations and the only cities Iíve seen that have anything remotely close to that demonstrated on television are New York and Los Angeles, smaller cities do not have the budget.

The follow up by the local PD has been poor. The few suspects that have been interviewed were interviewed in their homes. They were not given polygraphs. We believe we found the house in which she was murdered, we provided detailed luminal results yet when the PD investigated this house, they did not process the complete room in which we believe she was killed (we found what appears to be a large blood stain under the carpet, they did not look). Even after contacting the mayorís office and provided detailed evidence (far beyond what is posted on this site), the PD has refused to return to this house and process it properly.

One of the suspects is believed to be a police informant now, perhaps that is why they do not want to take this further.

The people of Six Mile Creek want to forget about this crime, they do not care if it is solved. For better or worse, they prefer to protect their own.

Every murder is tragic. It shouldnít matter if the person was a prostitute or a celebrity but unfortunately it does. The press and the people need to bring this case to the attention of the public and keep it there until itís solved. The PD should be pressured until itís solved. Pick up the phone and call the local television networks, call the PD, call the mayorís office... And keep calling until justice is served.

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Why doesn't Tampa PD want to follow up on leads in this case?

2011-07-30 12:31:54 - Posted By: Investigator

We've provided a large number of leads to TBPD and they've only followed up on a handful, even then, with little effort. The new detective on the case appears to be retracing the steps of Detective Houston, unfortunately he isn't doing any more. He's talked to a few individuals again but only in taped interviews at their homes, not at the station, nor did he require a lie detector exam. At best, he's utilizing LVA (Layered Voice Analyses), unfortunately this may not be accurate when you consider the drug / alcohol histories of the people involved. He has not returned to the house in which we were told she was killed. Why don't they want to spend time on this case? Is it a budget issue? Some of the people we've mentioned as potential suspects may be Confidential Informants... are they protecting their own? What do you think?

2012-07-25 10:13:20 - Investigator: FYI for Tampa PD:

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Carla Warden

2011-07-30 12:26:06 - Posted By: Investigator

She disappeared shortly after failing a polygraph exam. We have since found out she joined the military and left the country [UPDATE - SHE IS BACK IN TAMPA]. Was she involved? Why did she run?

2011-08-29 04:53:51 - Annonymous: You know how rumors go, but this is what i was told today,that one of the Warden sisters, boyfriend was having relations with Tracy, and the sister was jealous of Tracy and stabbed her, then called the other sister asking for her help to hide what she had done. but then i was told about a house that belongs to Norma Hand, i believe she is jabo and woodys sister, not sure how she figures in all of this but that is supposedly the house that the carpet was replaced in.

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The Giddens Family

2011-07-30 12:16:32 - Posted By: Investigator

Many of the comments we've received mention various members of the Giddens family. They own a number of businesses in the area as well as real estate. Whether or not they were involved is unclear but many feel they know what happened.

2011-07-30 12:16:58 - Annonymous: I think David William Owen worked at Broadway Tire, he may still work there. If he's involved, it could explain how Jabo and Woody know.

2011-07-30 12:20:52 - Annonymous: You really need to put the pressure on carla and her father jabo giddens they no what happened and carla has a short temper they brag about how good there attorney is put the heat on 6 mile creek an the trash will talk.....

2011-07-30 12:36:54 - Annonymous: Was Tracy killed at Norma Hand's house on 59th Street?

2011-08-27 17:30:19 - Annonymous: listen here whatever trash ball is writing this garbage you need to commit yourself or get some good therapy .for starters people in six mile creek are as good as anyone . its bad to say but you take a prostatute and drugs and running the streets for drugs they are lucky to survive one night. but for these people to have there pictures and information about them is just awful .the people who are replying have nothing better to do with there life than run there mouth about nothing .sounds like the people who is posting these comments are on a few high powered drugs themselves.

2011-08-27 17:41:46 - Annonymous: check sheila smith sheila pike or sheila Cannington pike and Erin Scarborough they are big trouble makers bad drug addicts both lived in six mile creek area at one time . both are drifters

2011-10-14 09:47:27 - Me bitch Jabo Giddens the 1 the only : First off,this is Jabo Giddens the one you are talking shit about,i gotta say i'm sick of this slander.,People sit on a computer and make assumptions about murdering someone.Wow i've never heard such fuck shit in my life..I've been to jail enough to know that if you do something and they know especially murder the man will be there to get you..That being said no one on here is a real suspect or the police would've come and got us.But lets be honest no one cares other than her parents and im sorry for your loss but bringing other peoples name down is just sick especially when your talking murder!! Ive never seen her a day in my life,my sister went to school with her over 20 years ago and my nephew knew her daughter but other than that don't know her and don't care but i must say i or my family don't really associate with crackheads and prostitutes..I'd rather call an escort cost a lil more but the quality and enviroment is better!!lol!!!I think i may be the only one commenting on here with enough balls to actually say who they are!!So all you anonymous commenters you can suck my dick pussy ass bitches sitting behind a computer giving opinions on a murder and googling people your a loser.I've spent over ten years doing my music and it has changed my life and everything im about to have some queer to slander my life fuck you!!My music has been on the radio ,downloaded and adored by people all over the world what do you have a ANONYMOUS opinion who gives a shit what someone ANONYMOUS says..ANONYMOUS is another word for big ass pussy bitch who's scared to write who they are Im on here as me bitch not ANONYMOUS pussy bitch who likes talking shit behind a computer and i know that your someone we know or more than likely knew you cause who just decides they want to look in to a dead prostitute that not even the police are worried about and no one outside the creek gives a shit bout anything in the creek so whoever you are your the biggest fuck face pussy to walk the creek streets and do us all a favor and turn off your computer go take a good look in the mirror if you own one and then sh@#$ yourself in the face you would be doing us and yourself a huge favor......Im sorry for the family and slandering an attempt for closure but this site is fucked up and i really dont think that pointing fingers and making assumptions bout a murder case is the correct way of doing things!like i said a ANONYMOUS opinion are you fucking kidding me an ANONYMOUS opinion is the stupidest shit who cares your ANONYMOUS get on my level bitch and state who you never will because your the equivalent of a rat your a shit talking puss words from JABO GIDDENS mouth..........

2012-02-15 00:43:38 - Annonymous: Jabo Gibbons,Jr I presume and no record label,just another airhead on Myspace !

2013-02-22 09:50:02 - Annonymous: Carla is a crackhead. Having is a piece of shit, the whole family is fucked up. The boys are fucked. Get the fuck over it. Jabo you aint shit. You think your so big & bad but your not. You think you can get the boys out bc you "work for the state" ha my ass. Yall can burn in hell. You whole family. Thank you, have as n Amazing day (:

2014-08-02 11:33:10 - Annonymous: didnt Carla Giddens Castle pass away from a drug overdose??? recently they now know the pain of loosing a member of their family, poor kids

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David William Allen

2011-07-24 13:03:25 - Posted By: Investigator

Was he there when Tracy died? Did he kill her? What have you heard?

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Tandy Tyler

2011-07-24 13:03:25 - Posted By: Investigator

Tracy was possibly killed in her house with multiple friends and neighbors helping in the cover up. What have you heard?

2011-07-30 12:12:31 - Annonymous: Tandy Tyler and Tracy got in a bad fight right before she disappeared

2011-07-30 12:18:51 - Annonymous: Tandy has a daughter, I think David William Owen is the father if that helps. She moved out of Tampa a while ago to Frostproof Florida.

2014-09-04 19:22:54 - cj: tandy tyler lives in highlands county and works at the ymca in sebring florida

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Enid Davis

2011-07-24 12:58:47 - Posted By: Investigator

We have received numerous tips about Enid Davis; in particular, that he may have helped dispose of Tracy's body. What have you heard?

2011-07-30 12:35:08 - Investigator: Enid Davis and family still claim he had nothing to do with Tracy's death even though we have numerous tips and statements from others that say otherwise. Although Enid appears open and willing to talk, his sister continues to block our access. Almost delusional, she insisted that the neighborhood is safe despite the high arrest stats for the area, and the numerous drug dealers, users and prostitutes walking the streets less than 10 feet away. She's raising children in the middle of all this, blind to her surroundings. If she truly cared about the neighborhood she would tell us what she knows and attempt to clean it up; not pretend it didn't happen. People like her are the reason neighborhoods get this bad. Enid has told numerous people in the neighborhood that he took a lie detector test and was cleared. That is not the case, the police only interviewed him at his home.

2013-02-21 12:55:34 - Pammie Jenkins.: My mother Jean Jenkins raised me in this neighborhood & i have grown up to be a wonderfull 18 year old who hates drugs & everything that is illegal. Its not the neighborhood that is bad its the people in it. I believe that my Uncle Enid Davis is Innocent. He is not the type to help kill someone nor help cover it up. Tandy had my uncle help fix her house up. My uncle is the kind of person to help people not hurt them. He has a big heart , not a black one. Myh mother is not Blind. My mother is one of the best mothers around here. Other mothers in this neighborhood can careless about their child (children) by letting them run the streets and letting them follow in their footsteps of abusing & using drugs. Like I said I have lived in this area for 18 years & i feel safe around my family including my uncle. My mother is not the reason for anything beside protection someone & standing up for someone who is innocent. Same goes for me. My uncle may look like someone you wouldnt trust , but i trust him with everything i have, not just because he is my ucle , but because i know how big hearted he is & i know him personally. Yes he knew Tracy, she was like a sister to him, he would let her stay the night when she would come to him but naked on drugs or drunk, he would give her a shirt to cover her up & his boxers to cover her privates up and let her sleep on the couch so she didnt get hurt raped or killed. But eventually people who had no heart at all did that to her. Unlike my uncle they didnt have a heart he did. He wouldnt hurt someone who was like family to him and was always there for him like a sister. And to live across the street from Tandys old house here on 29th , me being a teenager staying up late I have never herd any screaming or anyone in a group over there. I have been over there before playing with her daughter when I was younger. I dont understand why people would acuse my uncle of doing something like this. Unless they dont like my uncle or has a problem with him for no reason. Like i said I believe my Uncle Enid Davis is INNOCENT.

2013-02-21 13:00:34 - Pammie Jenkins.: My Uncle Helped Tandy Fix her house up way before Tracy Came up missing * He never had a Real friendship with Tandy. She was always drunk & not taking care of her daughter , that is why i was always having her daughter either come over & play at my house or i would sit outside on her swingset with her.

2013-10-18 06:28:02 - Annonymous: There's this weird guy who is always following me whenever I have to walk home.One night I had asked him if he knew Tracy,just to see what he knew. Then he starts talking about how he used to work @ the street sweeping place,and how he had failed a polygraph.His excuse was that he is bipolar(his words). Somehow the police let that slip by them.Then he goes on to say that she was buried with a "backhoe". I haven't heard this fact mentioned before.So I'm thinking "how would he know this,unless he really Did have something to do with her death"? I trusted this person to help me fix my printer,and he did nothing but try to assault me.I tried to get him to leave the house,and he refused,so I went outside,and he followed.I ran back inside,and locked the door.Soon after this, he started leaving notes on my door,and stalking me. He runs the street all night(no matter what time I am out,he's driving up & down the street.Demanding that I talk to him,and gets angry when I refuse.I believe he is involved in other unrelated crimes,including the arson at the hookers point last year.He said he "Drove by" the place at least 4 or 5 times.I didn't know there was a fire,untill the next day when I heard it on the news. His name is Derek Bayer,and as far as I know,he lives in a run down trailer in riverview somewhere. I hope this helps. He cann't pass a polygraph (I wonder why)


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Do You Know Who Killed Me?

2011-07-24 12:40:27 - Posted By: Tracy McClelland

Someone knows exactly what happened. What have you heard?

2011-07-30 12:05:02 - Annonymous: You guys need to talk to Francisco Barerra and Carla Warden, they know what happened.

2011-07-30 12:06:39 - Annonymous: You know how rumors go, but this is what i was told today,that one of the Warden sisters, boyfriend was having relations with Tracy, and the sister was jealous of Tracy and stabbed her, then called the other sister asking for her help to hide what she had done. but then i was told about a house that belongs to Norma Hand, i believe she is jabo and woodys sister, not sure how she figures in all of this but that is supposedly the house that the carpet was replaced in.

2011-07-30 12:08:11 - Annonymous: someone i know who was at a crack house in orent area,(straight across the street from serigos house and to the left i think is where the duplex is) told me he saw Tracy there a couple of weeks, before she was found murdered. we told the (hcso) police about this, and they said they already knew about this man and checked the guy out, who was a known crack dealer, I forgot his name but he was on oxygen and was a old man, the person i know, was only at the duplex for a short time to buy, but the (crack dealing) old man rented out rooms for prostitutes to do tricks, then they would have money to buy crack from him. and that is what he said tracy was doing but someone there (the old man would have to have information or discription of who she left with. the person i know, said he does not know the exact date, but the fair was in town so it had to be February. the fair was in town from Feb 8th to the 19th. so the time line fits as to when Tracy went missing. he knows this because he had to ride past the fair grounds to get to the duplex. I as a parent hope that they find who did this and know only what i have told you.But I hope they find who took Tracy away from her family. the old man at the duplex was named tom, and my friend said that a guy named orville hung around there and was violent,he would pull a knife and rob people of their drugs, dont know if this will help any but good luck

2011-07-30 12:08:52 - Annonymous: |was told the house with the new carpet is on 57th street

2011-07-30 12:09:58 - Annonymous: Many people partied at Kenny Long's house. There is a shed in the back where people slept and smoked crack, Tracy was there a lot. I would check that shed.

2011-07-30 12:11:43 - Annonymous: Jabo and Woody know exactly what happened, you can find them at Broadway Tire or the appliance store down the street.

2011-07-30 12:22:59 - Annonymous: My friend is adamant that the drug dealing old man who rented rooms to prostitutes and then sold them drugs name is Tom. Tracy was at the house, when my friend went there that night, He told me that she would pick her clothes apart till she had none on, so the Shirt thing is interesting.

2012-02-15 00:49:49 - Annonymous: Could these be some of the same people that killed Krystal Dawn Stokes - You are really making yourself look guilty by talking so much trash,and using so much profanity! Btw Let your dad speak for himself,Jr - makes us think he hasn't got a brain,like you

2013-07-18 16:48:10 - Annonymous: Orville Patrick Kerr was a violent sociopath.He had spent time in prison years before for killing a man. He is deceased now but if he was the last person she was seen with, it is not a far stretch that he lost his temper for one reason or another and killed her. He used to beat his wife and threaten to kill her.

2013-07-19 06:34:12 - Annonymous: Although Kerr was capable, there is no proof. All the evidence points at David William Allen and Tandy Tyler. Unfortunately, the police don't seem to care enough to properly investigate. This is typical. If Tracy had been a rich white girl from a good neighborhood, they'd be all over it. Drug addict/prostitute from the creek... they don't care.

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